Blue Water Developmental Housing, Inc.


To provide housing and support services that are focused on addressing the desires and needs of the person served, support individual dignity, and promote community inclusion.


• Will be the provider of choice for housing and support services known for a culture of continuous quality improvement, innovative services and programs, a highly trained and competent workforce and meaningful community engagement.


• Blue Water Developmental Housing provides a choice of supports and services which meet the consumers’ needs and are tailored to give individuals the opportunity to grow and develop in their home community.

• That individuals served are treated with dignity and respect.

• The people we employ are caring, dedicated, and trained to provide exceptional services in an ethical and fair manner.

• The organization believes that communication and cooperation at all levels is crucial to support our focus on teamwork.

• Services provided are effective and efficient.

• Services are developed in partnerships with other providers, community services groups, local businesses, and interested stakeholders.

• Services are driven by input from those we serve or may serve and stakeholders.

• That those receiving services and their family members must be well informed of the options available to them and supported in expressing their choices.

• Consumer relationships outside the service system should be encouraged and promoted.